-It's a good time to mulch after the first freeze

-Keep up broad leaf weed control

Late Winter

-Late winter is a good time for fertilizing trees and shrubs.

-It is also an excellent time for pruning cold hardy non-spring blooming shrubs especially if you want to do some major shaping. When spring flush comes it will often fill any "holes" quickly.

-It's a good time for transplanting cold hardy shrubs as long as ground isn't frozen.

-It's a good time for cleaning up all leaf litter in beds to aid in disease control.

-It's a good time for planning and in many cases doing hardscape projects when less is going on in landscapes. Some contractors (including Mathews Landscaping) will do reduced rates on these projects when things are slower in winter.

-Late winter is a good time for tilling (if soil dry enough) for incorporating amendments or just layering amendments on top  of soil in getting ready for spring, giving time for amendments to mix into the soil even more.

-Finally, it can be a good time to plant cold hardy deciduous trees and shrubs.

Please Note: Mathews Landscaping can provide all of these services and more!